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(DEV) Professional Development

(DEV-2787) P6 Leadership, Training and Adoption Methods for Large Capital Programs

Author(s)/Presenter(s): Brian Criss, PSP; John W. Blodgett; Joseph Sciannameo
Time/Location: Sunday, June 24 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm / America's Cup AB (4th Floor)


[Level: Basic] Aging infrastructure has necessitated a substantial increase the size and intensity of owner capital programs in recent years.  At the same time, projects are getting larger, more integrated, and more complex. Generally, project controls and governance have improved in recent years with the introduction of new technologies and processes, but the project complexity is outpacing improvements. Layer onto this the notable project failures and bankruptcies, and it becomes clear that something different is needed. These factors have led to a larger number of people needing to be trained and developed into project schedulers.  A craft that used to be honed over many years of experience in the field now has to be developed over the course of several months. The Primavera P6 3-day standard training is not sufficient to make a proficient scheduler. Proficiency in tools such as P6 is critical for the adoption of effective schedule management practices for organizations. Training should be strategic, targeted, and planned in such a way that schedulers come out of training with something practical to apply right away. Different generations, personalities, and learning types within large organizations require different approaches to providing help and support where people are struggling. A further challenge is that management often does not have the time to deep-dive into individual project manager portfolios, making it difficult to ascertain who needs what type of help. Data analytics and metrics can be used to simplify the process of categorizing people into actionable groups. This paper will present some key leadership lessons learned and strategies gleaned from training and mentoring hundreds of schedulers and project managers that were new to the Primavera P6 system; as well as how to overcome the balance between having young people jumping in and using P6 without knowing the mechanics of scheduling.

(DEV-3005) (Presentation Only) How to Write an AACE Recommended Practice

Author(s)/Presenter(s): Peter R. Bredehoeft, Jr. CEP FAACE
Time/Location: Sunday, June 24 from 5:15pm to 6:15pm / America's Cup AB (4th Floor)


[Level: Basic]

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